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If I'm in forum I don't see where to get back to weights


  • I like the look and feel of the weights section, once I go to the forum the look is ok but it's not obvious how to get back to the weights section. Posting on the weights works pretty well. Picture uploading was easy. I'm on an iPod. Logging in is confusing...log in then get a prompt in email then back to web site. Mind you I'm not a computer genius... I'll play more
  • Hey Darren, thanks so much for taking the time to help me bug test, really appreciate it! :)

    Good catch on no link back to the site from the forum. I haven't done any work on the design of the forum yet, it's the default theme of the forum software I'm using. There will definitely be a link to get back to the site from the forum once I get to customizing it.

    The idea behind the email only login was so that you don't have another password to remember. However, it does require you to click the confirmation link in the email the first time. Theoretically, you should stay signed in for a year after you've done that. It can definitely be more jarring on a mobile device since you have to switch apps to check email though.

    I'm not looking for computer geniuses to use the site, so your feedback is exactly what I'm looking for.
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