Vanilla 2

Can't submit a weight

edited October 2013 in Bugs & Features


  • I can't submit a weight. It's making me select a photo. When I select a photo it still doesn't work. I'm using a gif. Maybe that's the problem?
  • Do you need to submit a weight to rate something?
  • Cliff: I'm guessing you were submitting from a page like rather than the home page? I just added that page, and forgot to include the error text. On the home page, when you try to submit a gif and it highlights the error, it says "Only .jpg images are allowed". It should now work correctly, good catch!
  • Also yes, right now it's set so that you have to always submit a weight. Originally that's all it was really going to be, but now I'm debating about whether or not to allow reviews without weights.

    Even though the site is obviously weight focused, I'm not sure it'd be an issue to allow weightless reviews.
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