Vanilla 2

Brakes Category

edited February 2014 in Bugs & Features
Category "Breaks" >> Sub type "choose a component"
- missing "disk breaks" in drop down list, but shows in all Breaks results
- missing "cantilever brakes" from drop down list and does not show for all breaks results


  • Hmm... Disc Brakes wouldn't be in the drop-down list because I haven't entered any base models yet. That's why if you view the main Categories or Parts list, it's grayed out, unclickable, without a number next to it.

    I don't have Cantilever as a part type, I think they're all under the "Rim Brakes." Think it should be separate?

    I have another 4,000 models or so to import (including disc brakes), but I have to cleanse the data first.
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